Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Morris Dancing?

It is a Traditional Dance from various parts of the UK which involves dancing in groups of even numbers with sticks or handkerchiefs along to music - usually provided by our talented melodeon players. Our dancing is mainly based on what's known as the 'Cotswold tradition'.

Why 'Weavers Morris'?

In memory of the famous tradition of Weavers who used to work locally to produce cloth. You can find out more about the history of our group by clicking here.

Is the dancing strenuous?

Not really. In a typical practice night (which only lasts for about one hour) we will probably do six dances during the entire session. The group comprises of mixed ages and abilities and everyone is encouraged to learn what they can during the time we have together. The dances involve skipping and hopping in various patterns to the beat of the music so as long as you can move around the room on your feet you should be fine.

What clothing should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing and trainers or soft shoes will be fine for practice sessions. Dancing 'out' will require you to wear a collarless white shirt, black trousers (3/4 length), royal blue socks and black shoes with colourful laces. The rest of the outfit (together with sticks and hankies) will be provided for you by our team of tireless costumiers.

When do you dance 'out'

Usually from May when the weather cheers up sufficiently (we don't dance in bad weather). We meet at local venues (mainly pubs) and dance outside together in either the Beer Garden or car park. We don't normally charge for our performances but we do try to collect money in a collection bucket from bystanders and pub customers for our 'Charity of the Year' which is usually a well recognised local cause. It's great fun to meet in the open air on a nice Spring or Summers day and take part in a dance which has a fine tradition behind it...

So why not give it a 'go'?

Hope this helps any queries you may have had and we get to see you soon!

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